Update – March 2015

It’s been a very busy year so far! noisecreations are currently trying to get funding for new equipment so that we can focus on the new sound collections that we have in the pipeline. You can find some info on these things on our blog or twitter.

A few weeks ago I attended BVE in London to check out some of the latest sound gear, and especially to check out Avid’s S3 and S6 mixing consoles and talk about Pro Tools 12. Whilst I was there I also had a great conversation with the guys at Rycote about their amazing new windshield, which looks great and is incredibly quick to install. I would have also liked to have tested the new Rode NTG4+, but unfortunately there seemed to be some broken connections and I did not have time to go back and check it out :(

I’ve just uploaded a new piece to the portfolio page, so you should check that out. I created audio for the Gears of War – Mad World trailer which was a lot of fun because the original trailer only included music, which meant that I had no influence on what it was going to sound like.


Final year of uni is starting to take its toll. Lots of report deadlines means that my final project had to come to a bit of a halt. The final idea for this project is now based on a man who is in a coma, and is trapped inside his own mind. As you navigate through the game, you start to hear flashbacks of what may have caused it, as well as audio glimpses into the real world. This game is entirely played with audio (no visuals), and will be running on Unreal 4 and powered by Wwise. I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to show it to you all!