Update – February 2016

It’s been almost an entire year since I last posted a blog! It’s been pretty crazy, especially after leaving university. As soon as I left I went straight up to Scotland to provide production audio for the feature length film ‘Quotation’. I felt that everything that I had learnt from all previous shoots had all come together to create a great experience whilst working on this film.

After finishing the shoot I took a little time off to figure out an action plan on what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. I soon realised that freelance would provide the best opportunities for now as it was very rare to see a Junior Sound Designer position available. I have been building my portfolio and sound library since coming back from a short break in August.

noisecreations released it’s biggest library yet at the end of last year. The library titled ‘Arcadia‘ is a massive collection of retro-inspired video game sounds that is ready to go for game designers, or can be adapted by sound designers. This is being sold in all the usual places, but it is also being used as our debut into the Unreal and Unity asset stores.

I have very recently released my latest portfolio piece which was an audio replacement of the Dead Space 3 launch trailer. This can be found on my portfolio page.

I am now working on the PC game ‘Faceless‘, where we have very recently adopted FMOD as our audio engine. I am very excited by this as I feel that I learn best on the job. Due to the ease of the FMOD integration with Unreal 4, I have also started preparing another portfolio piece based on a project I did at university. It was a very simple project where I was given an environment and objects to add sound to. By replacing the audio that was directly implemented through UE4 with audio that is running from FMOD, I believe I can make the projects audio much better with the increased control given through FMOD. This will also allow me to create a practical demonstration video of audio that I have implemented in game. This is something that I feel I am lacking in my portfolio, as I mainly work on cinematic pieces.

Lastly, I’m going to try and keep up with this blog! The whole point of this was to document things as I was learning them. Sometimes I feel that writing stuff down after it happens allows me to remember it better. Hopefully some things will also come in handy for someone else in the future too.