The Sound Architect

Around 2 months ago I was contacted by Sam Hughes from The Sound Architect as he was after someone to help him run the news section of his website. On top of that, he also asked me to help edit the podcast which I was really interested in. I agreed to help him and have been working with him since.


Editing the podcast is a fantastic opportunity because Sam is able to get some fantastic guests on there who all talk about various disciplines within the sound world. Not only am I practicing my editing skills with the various amount of issues that can arise when recording over Skype, but I’m also learning from the guest at the same time. If you have never listened to The Sound Architect Podcast before, I urge you to do so if you are interested in sound design, music, and voice acting for games.


The news section is such a great change of pace at the end of a day working in audio. There is something oddly relaxing about writing articles, especially as they generally relate to something I am interested in. A lot of the time I am gaining new information about various events and companies whilst writing these articles. You can definitely find some cool products, services, and general news on there so I recommend you check that out at least once a week and see whats going on!


You can find the news section HERE

And the podcast is located HERE

Have fun!