I am co-founder of noisecreations, who set out to produce premium Sound Effects Collections at a highly competitive price. We also offer post-production services for all kinds of media.

You can also find us on Sonniss and A Sound Effect, where there are occasional exclusive deals!




Here is my audio replacement for the Dead Space 3 launch trailer. I chose to do this trailer primarily to work on the complex wind environments, which took quite a long time to do. Many different bands of white noise were used and automated (frequency bandwidth and amplitude), with a small amount of actual recorded wind noise mixed in to create a more realistic effect.


Here is a trailer for Gears of War 1 which I did Sound Design for. I chose to do this video mainly because there was only music on the original trailer, which left me to be as creative as possible to fill in all the gaps between key moments in the scene, without using any music.


Here is a quick sound I re-imagined for the Arc Gun from The Order: 1886 launch trailer.




 I was shipped off to Blissfields Festival 2014 as part of a small camera crew, where we set up interviews and live sessions with some of the participating artists. This video was particularly tricky, as there was no direction to it apart from where the presenter wanted to go. After explaining the audio situation, he still couldn’t stop himself from entering the loudest areas of the festival! All in all, I managed to capture audio that was clear, even when stood next to the speakers of some of the loudest areas of the festival.  This video was used as a promotional piece for the festival.


SPECKS (Short Film)

This is a trailer for a soon to be released short film that I got involved with at the end of its production. I spent a day as a Foley mixer, where I was recording and editing during the session.