Ludum Dare 31

This post is a little late, but a few weeks ago I participated in Ludum Dare 31 alongside Chance Miller (Programmer, and Richard McCarthy (Artist,

They created a relaxing game called ‘Snow’, where you play as a fox pushing and building snowballs to create a snowman. There are also collectable hats.



I created the sound effects for the game, but I was not able to implement them myself because I was working off location and didn’t know how to share a session over a network.

Because of this, the programmer had to quickly code the audio in, but due to time restrictions, could not focus on the audio over actually making the game work. This resulted in clipping when the snowball slows down due to fades not being implemented.

I think the game worked out really well overall, given the time restrictions and everything, so I can’t complain about the audio because it really should have been me that was focusing on that. I will have to find out how network sessions work for future projects.


If you would like to play the game, it can be played in browser here

Or check out the Ludum Dare page for more options and details: