Game Audio Implementation Project – Part 2.5

Since the last update I haven’t had a huge amount of time to work on this project, but I have been chipping away at some of the audio assets whilst recording for potential upcoming noisecreations content. I also have some of The Sound Architect podcasts coming out as well with a brilliant one from the voice actor for Noctis from Final Fantasy 15 which was fantastic. 

A lot of my recordings recently have been focused on my contact microphone which I have been having a lot of fun with. Capturing tiny details in doors (handles, latches and locks), inner workings of mechanical objects, and hydraulics to name a few things that I’ve been working on over the past few days has produced some amazing results, but also some pretty disappointing ones as well. That all comes with the experimentation of using contact mics, but I think that the positive results are well worth a few failures. 

On the actual game side of things, I have made a very rough radio out of geometry shapes in Unreal because I couldn’t find a free asset. This is going to be playing out some music from the noisecreations ARCADIA-MX collection, and will fill out the starting area quite nicely in terms of audio. I have also got the teleport system working as I realised that the core part of this ‘game’ in terms of progression currently relied on this, so I figured I should make sure I could achieve this before I continued further. Turns out it’s actually quite easy to do and in case you’re interested, here’s a breakdown of how it works:



I’ve inserted a trigger volume over the teleport area and whilst selected added an ‘on actor begin overlap’ node in the level blueprint. This is then connected to the conveniently named ‘teleport’ node which then needs to reference the teleport location and target. For target we need to move the player, so I’ve attached a ‘get player pawn’ module, and for the location I have chosen to reference the place we need to go so I’ve added ‘get actor location’ then dragged and dropped the trigger volume that I placed over the second teleport area from the world outliner window. I think I am going to change the reference to the teleport platform for this though as I don’t actually need a trigger volume here. There’s not really a reason for the player to go back to area one at this point, but I’ll decide on that at a later date.

Next update should include some actual implementation!