Game Audio Implementation Project – Part 1

I have finally embarked on the task of creating my own demo game with the intent of showcasing my sound design and implementation skills. It has been a long time coming, with excuses such as: “I need to learn FMOD first”, and “I haven’t got the right assets to make what I want”, but I have finally decided that I need to do this, and it is one of the best ways I learn anyway – by cracking on with a project and figuring it out as I go along. 

I am using Unreal 4.15 for the game, FMOD for implementation, and a mix of Pro Tools and Reaper for the audio design. I’m still trying to get my head around Reaper but I think this project will spur me on to learn it better.

The concept behind the game is quite simple. I didn’t want the game to really have any actual gameplay, so it will just be a case of walking around and observing the environments with a few interactive objects to play with. I really wanted to show off a few different locations in a short time-frame so I came up with the idea of having portals that would quickly take you to a completely different section of the game. By doing this I felt that the design of the game would be much better and if it were to evolve into something that had some narrative, the portal system opens up that world a little bit instead of a character just walking through some environments in quick succession.  

I finished the first pass of the very first room today. I think I will be adding audio once each section is complete so my next task will be to start filling this world (which is currently 2 rooms and a hallway) with sound. The first room is very basic, with the character starting in the corner, there’s a sofa and table directly ahead, a plant to the left, and a shelf on the wall. Although this is just something to show off audio, I really couldn’t just leave it looking bare!

Audio-wise, I intend to put a small radio on the table and include a small playlist from the noisecreations ARCADIA-MX music pack. I might possibly add collision to the objects so there is something a little more complex in there. Footsteps will be added however there is only 2 different surfaces at this point – wood and concrete. I have left the jump function in on the Unreal FPS blueprint so I will be adding footstep take off and landings for that. I also believe that there is a flashlight with the FPS default blueprint so I can also add the sound for that as well. If you head on up to the portal room there is an automatic door which will need some audio. I have also had the idea of making this a common theme for all locations in which when you find the portal room it will play some kind of audio cue. Maybe that could become a little gameplay mechanic if the game does start to evolve. 


That is all for now but I will be updating this with everything I do to the game. In the meantime, here is the first pass of the entrance to the portal room.