Contact Microphones



Within the last week I just received my new JrF C-Series Contact Microphone which is super exciting because I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for quite a while now! I finally had time to do some tests for it, so I thought I would experiment with some things that I needed to do for the project I am working on right now, ‘Faceless’. The game needs some eerie creaks and groans to happen throughout the game to give a tense atmosphere as you search for the missing dolls.


The staircase in my house can be very creaky and is not covered by carpet, so I was able to experiment with different microphone placements without getting the more muffled sound that a creaky floorboard under carpet would produce. I managed to get some great results from slowly pressing and pulling away on both the stairs and the banister. After getting a significant amount of varying creaks/stress related noises, I moved onto my bedroom door which has been producing some really long groans recently when opening. These turned out incredibly well, although quite a few had to be scrapped due to the door slightly rubbing against the carpet when it is opened. I am going to retry soon and see if slightly pulling the door upwards helps. I managed to salvage plenty for now though.


I look forward to finding some new interesting things to record with this!


I am going to include a few of the recordings in the assets section of this website for anyone to download and use in their projects.