Contact Microphones Update

I have been using the JrF C-Series contact mic for a few months now and have realised just how tough it actually is to record content with a contact microphone – especially if its a longer recording that you’re after. Things I’ve learnt along the way include:

  • Placement is everything – The sound can drastically change based on the position and even the amount of pressure put on the contact mic.
  • Use a lot of tape – Don’t know whether this is just me using bad tape (electrical) but I’ve found that recordings that need to go on for a while tend to pick up some of the noise as tape starts to very slightly unstick itself from the surface. I don’t want to use anything stronger than electrical tape due to damaging the mic cover, or the object it is attached to. This is why I’ve just been using lots of tape. 
  • Experiment – A lot of the stuff I’ve tried has failed miserably, but then again things that I thought wouldn’t work have turned out to be quite useful. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to end up with so you might as well go for it!


I currently don’t know what I’m doing with some of these recordings as they may be used in future noisecreations content. If not I’ll be sure to post some more audio files up soon.