Aeroplane Recordings

Last weekend I met up with Philip Moroz (the other co-founder of noisecreations) to go and record some of the incoming planes at East Midlands Airport. The weather was absolutely perfect and we managed to get a fantastic spot just across from the start of the runway – right where the planes were coming in overhead. Luckily the road wasn’t too busy, and the area was also a bit of an alcove so we were slightly protected from the surrounding background noises. 

With a stationary M/S setup, a mono tracking mic, and a static Sony M10, we managed to record around 8 large aircraft, and 3 small planes. 

With the assistance of Izotope RX, we managed to get rid of the bird song and the distant traffic and were left with some fantastic recordings. You can hear a comparison of the three mics and read a full write up of the day on the noisecreations blog.