Hi there! My name is Callum Tennick and I am a graduate sound designer based in Nottingham, UK. I graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2015 where I spent three years expanding my knowledge on production and post-production audio techniques. To achieve this I took part in various projects including a four part drama, a few short films, and Ludum Dare game jams.


noisecreations was established during the second year at university with my classmate Philip Moroz. We both had a similar mindset and wanted to achieve similar things, so we thought one of the best ways to do that was to produce content that we considered to be of a professional standard and release it onto the indie sound library market. We have since created five unique sound library’s, with three variations on our ambience collection (5.0, Stereo, and Ambisonics), and two free assorted collections. We have also provided audio services for short films and the feature length film ‘Quotation‘.


After graduating I have continued to produce content for noisecreations, but my prime focus has shifted to producing content for video games. I am currently learning both FMOD and Wwise alongside Unreal 4. I am now also running the news section and editing the podcasts at The Sound Architect.


On this website you will find my portfolio and a blog in which I intend to try and update during my adventures in game audio.


Find me on:

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